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Aluminum Fruit Squeezer Manual Juicer

Aluminum, fruit, squeezer Manual, juicer, manual,

  • Rs.599.00Rs.1,199.00
  • Product Code:RC_030005
  • Availability:In Stock

Aluminum Fruit Squeezer Manual JuicerFeature:Unique strainer design, more juice.Aluminum alloy perfection, super sturdy.It is a very convenient tool for the whole family.Ergonomic design, it sque..

Aluminum Fruit Squeezer Manual Juicer

Unique strainer design, more juice.
Aluminum alloy perfection, super sturdy.
It is a very convenient tool for the whole family.
Ergonomic design, it squeezes fruit quick and effortlessly.
You can manually squeeze lemons, limes, kiwis, grapes and other citrus fruits to make your favorite juice.

Juice method for fruits and vegetables:
1. Cut the orange and lemon into two pieces. If it is a larger fruit, cut it into four pieces and squeeze the juice twice to squeeze out the juice. After the first squeeze, turn the juice cup 180 degrees, squeeze more times, and get more juice.
2. If you squeeze fruit with a lot of juice, such as lemon and pineapple, you can take out the soft stalks first, cut into 3cm pieces, then cover and squeeze the juice.
3. If it is a leafy vegetable, such as turnip, spinach, knead it first, then squeeze it.
4. If it is carrots, celery, apples, and cucumbers, wrap them and squeeze them.
5. If it is a potato, peel it, clean it, cook it, and cut it into 3cm pieces.

Package included:
1 * Manual Juicer

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